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Five Hearts Healthcare founded in 2015 by Danicia “Fancy” Mosely and led by Executive Director, Danielle Lewis.

The agency’s name FIVE Hearts is in honor of Quinn, Kiersten, Felton IV, Alayna and Aria, who are the FIVE grandchildren of Elvina Mosely the mother of our founder, director and Secretary Angela Wallace.  We are committed to improving mental health services and encouraging those who suffer with mental illness to get the help they need.3

CARF International accreditation

Outpatient Treatment Mental Health - Adults Outpatient Treatment - Mental Health - Children and Adolescents programs.

Our Mission

Effective mental health services
Improving Mental Health Services
Behavioral Health Services & Counseling

Five hearts healthcare is committed to providing

Individualized treatment that meets the complex mental and behavioral health needs of our patients, our

Vision to impact the behavioral health system through education and advocacy backed up by our

Effective mental health services, Five Hearts Healthcare is to become the center of excellence for behavioral

Health services. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of care through compassion, knowledge, and respect

Encouraging personal growth and development while working with children, teens, adults, and families our goal is to

Assist you and/or your family in fulfilling your goals and improving your quality of life. We promote

Recovery and wellness by providing quality programs in a socially responsible manner working with families and communities

To reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. At Five Hearts we

Strive to be a customer-focused organization staffed by highly trained professionals who are dedicated to patients, families and the communities we serve by delivering quality behavioral healthcare that ensures safety and preserves dignity while enhancing the well-being of those who entrust us with their care.

A Letter from the Founder

Many people ask the question why? Why did I choose this business? Why am I so involved and concerned with mental health?

God doesn’t always call the qualified, but He definitely qualifies the called.  My journey in the healthcare profession began from my natural will and desire to help others become successful in their lives.  Through trial and error of helping others who could not seem to maintain on their own, I have realized that the help they needed was deeper than what I was able to provide. I felt defeated and prayed for wisdom to be able to be more for those who needed mental rehabilitation.  God answered prayers and gave me the vision to open Five Hearts Healthcare. 

Understanding mental health isn't only about being able to identify symptoms and having a name for conditions, but about being a strong social support for those who need someone to talk to and share their life’s experiences.  Five Hearts Healthcare is committed to helping bring awareness to mental illness, eradicate the stigma, and improve mental health services for the community. With the help of our professional team at Five Hearts Healthcare and my sisters with whom I share this vision with, we will make a difference while helping others help themselves.

-This is why.

Danicia Fancy Mosely


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