Five Hearts – Poem

I try to describe how I feel
Sometimes it hard to sit still
The feelings are real
I’m use to I don’t even notice
After a few minutes mind shifts focus
Off the task at hand
Staying seated was part of the plan
But my body wants to stand
It helps when I have objects in my hand
My intentions are never to disrespect another human
Ima work in progress I pray you understand
I’m dealing with a mental disorder
This could be your son or daughter
Mother are father
It affected mine
I remember this one time
My mom was so down
All she wanted to do is sit around
Things we had planned
She would forget
Some days
 I thought she was going to quits
I would ask if she was sick
The reply was something slick
I use to take it personal
Think I was a curse you know
Then one day she told me I was a blessing
And mommy was just stressing
Put an end to my guessing and
Answered a lot of questions
Things begin to get better
When she got the good news in the letter
Having income definitely help
Now we both working on our mental
It even affected my dad
One day he we be so happy
The next day so sad or mad
I thought it was something he had
May be alcohol or other drugs
So I would give him a hug
Because maybe he didn’t feel the love
But some days he would get colder
Then I learned about bipolar
And I asked if he would go to the doctor
The medicine regulated his moods more proper
Medicine is not always the answer
But some cases it can be an enhancer
And in this case it was
Now I feel more love
My brother said the same
See he never complains
But one day he started acting strange
Overnight it’s like everything change
He begin to always stay in his room
Then one day I heard a boom
So I bussed in his door
And there he was lying on the floor
Next to him a bottle of pills
I screamed for help with all my will
Then I thought to grab the phone
Ambulance rushed to our home
People at the hospital saved his life
Now we talk as a family every night
It helps to see we all go through things
Expressing your thoughts how much joy it brings
I believe after this nothing can tear us apart
We visit regularly and have a beautiful experience at five hearts
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